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[MUSIC] Best Albums of 2008! [Dec. 18th, 2008|12:24 am]
ZOMBiEROCK: The Home of Weekly Sass!
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YO! I'm typing this at work in between drawing my ass off so i can hit you guys up with my favourite albums from two zero zero eight. You'll probably see a few lists pop up on here in the next few days/weeks but know it's all for you. hope you guys enjoy stepping into my mind for a while. so without further ado i present to you my favourite albums from this year in no particular order!

Band: Past Lives
Album: Strange Symmetry
Genre: Post Punk
My second [of four] favourite of the ex-Blood Brothers members projects; Past Lives. Check it out if you liked the Blood Brothers at all; It's made up ofJordan Blilie, Mark Gajadhar and Morgan Henderson who were with BB to the end, and also Devin Welsh who was only a part of BB through recording of Rumours Laid Waste.[If you're wondering what my favourite blood brothers related project is, it would be Head Wound City hands down, Past Lives would be second, Neon Blonde would be third which is on the same shared level with Jaguar Love.

Band: Jaguar Love
Album: Take Me To The Sea
Genre: Art-Punk/Experimental
Admittedly i'm not as fond of Jaguar Love as i am with Past Lives but it is a great album to throw on in the background if i'm slamming down some art. Made up of Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato from the late Blood Brothers and also Jay Clark from the now defunct band Pretty Girls Make Graves. I wouldn't recommend it if i didn't like it; Gotta love Johnny's vocals though. Johnny and Cody make a great team as seen with Neon Blonde, Another band worth checking out made up of ex-blood brothers members.

Band: Tokyo Police Club
Album: Elephant Shell
Genre: Indie-Rock/Garage-Rock
Tokyo Police Club have been up there as one of my favourite bands since i found out about them; My first blog here was actually all about their first album; A Lesson In Crime. I saw them for the first time this year and they were amazing, they're young, they have powerful vocals and a really awesome sound. This is one i'd recommend to people as a buy-before-hearing, That's how much confidence i have in people liking their music. One of my favourite gigs of 2008, On par with when i saw Interpol earlier in the year.

Band: The Mars Volta
Album: The Bedlam in Goliath
Genre: Art/Experimental/Psychedelic/Progressive-Rock
Look. If you haven't heard of The Mars Volta you seriously have not had the honor of having your mind completely blown by how brilliant they are. My love for The Mars Volta began when i was looking around for new music and i heard of the band through a forum called Hugo; From there i was looking around the internet and stumbled across a random voice-chat room where someone was playing music. I swear on my life, I knew from the second i heard the riff [from the song Ineriatic ESP] that it was The Mars Volta. I proceeded to download the album and it was confirmed. The reason i tell you this tale is that The Mars Volta have never really dropped their level of standard. Each album is great on its own on "face value" from the time you hear it; and when you look into the music [Lyrics, Inspiration, Themes] it only gets better. Bedlam In Goliath is no different.

Band: MGMT
Album: Oracular Spectacular
Genre: Synthpop/Electro-Pop
Pronouced "Management" but more commonly heard as "EM GEE EM TEE" now, The band originally started out sucking then taking a turn for the best and becoming a weird mixture of electroy synthy semi-flowy pop music with touches of howling vocals. Although i'm quite fond of the song "Weekend Wars" which i don't think is on the album and has a much different style of vocals. They're overplayed but great and definitely deserve to be up here on my list. Only problem is seeing a civic drive by modded to shit booming "Electric Feel" out of their system really makes me want to avoid seeing them live as much as i can. They're a great band though, and we're talking about music here, not the scene-association that comes with it. Plus I prefer to have my idea of them as magical fashion gypsies who live in the clouds with talking animals, using happiness as their form of currency better than the most likely real versions of the duo.

Band: Black Kids
Album: Partie Traumatic
Genre: Indie-Rock/Synthpop
I'm gunna make this one short. This album gets really fucking boring after you've listened to it more than once.It's worthy of a place up here purely based on the song "I'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you". I hate their name also. But you know what? It's actually the perfect album to put into your playlist of "Random" so when you're listening you catch a song of theirs and go " Hey, that was sweet! "

Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Album: The Cool
Genre: Conceptual Rap
Got preconceptions on what rap is based on Gangster Rap? Hate rap because it's all "black guys talking about weapons and hitting women"? Well fuck you. You're naive and you annoy me for thinking this way. The Cool is a concept album based on a story which unfolds throughout. It's about The Cool aka. "Michael Young History" [say it out loud] a once drugdealer, killed and returned-to-life as a zombie, who is searching for a purpose. It -is- related to gangsta but it isn't gangsta as much as it is metaphorical. Read up on it, It's awesome.

Artist: The Hood Internet
Album: Mixtape Volume 3
Genre: Hiphop Mashup
Perfect for being a hood with Pete. Seriously, it's free, you should listen to it! like right now! go go go go! Pete got me into these guys a while back, Bat-shit crazy remix group that drop their shit for free to much joy of iPods all around the world i'm sure. Great to put on in almost any situation given that you like hiphop or mashups or whatever. This particular mixtape has become my favourite i think but all their stuff is more than impressive. If i could attach a smell to this, it would be blunt.

Band: Of Montreal
Album: Skeletal Lamping
Genre: Indie-Pop
This is one of the "funner" albums that came out this year, it's got a really sorta refreshing, colourful sound and it's not often you hear something like it. Lyrically it gets a bit boring because there's a point where i feel like they're just TRYING to keep a sort of quirky edge to themselves by pushing bizzare lyrics. I guess it could be argued that this was essentiall meant to be an experimental dream-based album that was written with dreams and daydreaming dominant in the mind. Whatever, it's fun and i like it how i like Black Kids - Partie Traumatic. Random and thrown in occasionally to give you a good contrast to the norm. but there's parts where i HATE the sound of the vocals and it's like a drill to the skull. But majority is awesome.

Artist: Roots Manuva
Album: Slime and Reason
Genre: Hiphop
Apart from the awesome cover which i also blogged a while back. Instant headphone banger from the moment i threw it on the trusty zombiPod. It's solid start to finish with hints of a reggaeton sound. some of the songs i actually find funny in the way it sounds but i like it all! plus Roots Manuva is one of my top 5 voices of rap, along with Lupe Fiasco, MF Doom, Gza and Talib Kweli. Still grimey, Not too polished. That's the way rap should be to keep it at its best.

I'd do a Worst albums of 2008 if i could be bothered with Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak on there but that would just make me a hater. Sucks too because i actually like Kanye's music, I just think the new album bombed. It conveyed the whole feeling of "hurt" and all but it wasn't my style. It was more r&b than rap and he lost his edge from Graduation [Which was up there on my albums last year]

NEXT UP ON ZOMBIEROCK: Dev's Essentials!

Be Zen.
-Dev Ravenga ♥